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          Sina Automotive comprehensive analysis of dual clutch transmission

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          The current DCT dual clutch is mainly divided into two types: wet and dry. The wet clutch is similar to the common motorcycle clutch, and the multi disc clutch is used for working in the oil liquid, and a cooling system is needed to cool the oil liquid. The dry type double clutch structure is simpler, and the weight is lighter. Because the dry clutch does not need to stir the oil liquid in the work, the power loss is smaller, the work efficiency is higher, and has the better fuel economy. But the dry clutch transmission torque capacity is limited, such as Volkswagen's DQ200 type seven pre speed DSG for dry clutch, the maximum can only pass 250 Nm torque. Type DQ250 six front speed DSG is a wet clutch, the maximum 350Nm torque can be transmitted. Generally speaking, the newly designed wet clutch can transfer torque output of 350 nm or even higher, such as the Bugatti Veyron six speed wet dual clutch gearbox can deal with w16 Quad turbocharged engine up to 1250 nm of torque output. The dry clutch is usually used for small cars equipped with power is weak, can transfer a maximum torque at about 250 Nm.

          Dry single-plate clutchesDouble dry single-plate Double clutches
          At present, there are three kinds of layouts for dual clutch, the initial design using a concentric layout, as from a power transmission line perpendicular to the direction of the look, two clutches in same plane, and the crank shaft of the engine in the same axis. When the axis is seen from the front of the clutch, it is found that the diameter of a clutch is larger than the diameter of the other clutch. The second kind of arrangement is the two single disc dry clutch back-to-back arranged together, but still with the engine crankshaft in the same axis. The third arrangement is to use two completely independent, but the same size of the clutch, along the input shaft direction, the two clutches are arranged side by side, from the vertical direction is in the same plane. Different from the previous two forms, third kinds of dual clutch structure needs to take the power of the crankshaft through a set of gears.

          Dual clutch gearbox mainstream suppliers


          Berg Warner's wet dual clutch and electro hydraulic control module is in the leading level in the world. Berg Wanner known as the Tronic Dual dual clutch gearbox has been mass production, the main supply Volkswagen Group's models. In 2003 with the mass of the fourth generation of the golf R32 global first commercial dual clutch gearbox from Borg Warner, also is the famous first DSG. In addition to the Volkswagen's models, Berg Warner also to the other three European car manufacturers to supply.

          On January 14, 2009, Borg Warner and 12 Chinese carmakers in Dalian, China joint venture to create a Borg Warner combined transmission system Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of dual clutch gearbox, in May 2011 put into production, Dalian plant of the initial capacity is 15 million to 20 million sets of DCT key component, is expected in five years after reaching an annual output of 70 million units.

          The Nissan GT-R, known as the God of war, is equipped with a dual clutch, clutch control system, shift control system, and a synchronization device provided by Berg Warner, which is equipped with a six speed dual clutch transmission.


          Gert Lark's dual clutch transmission is complete, including the 7DCL750 seven front speed dual clutch transmission, which is used to be equipped with a medium speed dual clutch transmission, which is capable of delivering 750 Nm of torque output. Maximum to withstand a 250 nm of torque output Getrag 6DCT250 the first six speed dry dual clutch gearbox for transverse engine front wheel drive system, this gearbox the than electro-hydraulic control more efficient electromechanical control technology. In addition, in cooperation with BOSCH R & D Getrag dual clutch gearbox for hybrid power system.

          Getrag dual clutch gearbox began in 2008 with the production car. Most of the clients of the Getrag belong to the luxury brand or high performance cars, such as the BMW M3, Z4 Sdrive35i, Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. In addition, Renault, Volvo and Chrysler and Getrag customers.


          Leading global auto parts industry and the rolling bearing industry famous manufacturer Schaeffler Group of Germany, the flag has three famous brands ina, Luk (Luke) and fag. The Luke company developed the first seven speed dry dual clutch in 2008 with Volkswagen Group's models, so that the small displacement of low torque small cars can also enjoy the dual clutch transmission technology, the DSG in popular internal codename DQ200, and weighs 70 kilograms. The automatic transmission technology will be referred to as XSG, the dual clutch automatic transmission called PSG.

          Fiat transmission technology

          Fiat drive technology company with Magnelli (Magneti Marelli) - Marilyn and Berg Warner cooperative R & D dual clutch gearbox. Magnelli - Magneti Marelli offered the control system will Borg Warner hydraulic drive module integrated into their power and drive control unit. Three shaft type structure is adopted in the fiat of the six speed dry dual clutch gearbox, the maximum at 350 nm of torque transfer, together with 81 kg total weight of hydraulic and transmission system, widely used in B class and C class car. Fiat drive systems technology company is a relatively separate companies, although still being called the name of Fiat, but Fiat's competitors are their potential customers.


          German gearbox specialist ZF for Porsche provides two seven speed wet multi plate dual clutch gearbox, Porsche will call the PDK.


          Italy high performance gearbox manufacturing expert Graziano focused on the development of super sports car wet double clutch transmission, plans to put into mass production in the year. Target customers for Ferrari, Martha Lahti and Martin - Aston and other high-performance sports car manufacturers. Graziano will be the maximum torque transmission of the dual clutch gearbox is determined to be 750 Nm, and is committed to improving the performance of the shift, so that it can exceed the existing high performance sequence type transmission. The McLaren MP4-12C use before the seven speed dual clutch gearbox is provided by Gracci arnold.


          Ricardo UK racing engineering company for Bugatti Veyron developed the first seven speed wet dual clutch gearbox. This gearbox is to deal with w16 Quad turbo supercharged engine performance with up to 1250 nm prodigious torque output.

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